Postcard from the Sleepover

Dear Parents.

A few beavers from Apache, Cheyenne and Navaho went on a beach party sleepover 18th/19th July.
They played games in the park,  made sunglasses, boats and treasure chests this was followed by beach ball volley ball (easer than it sounds) limbo and hula hoops before dancing the afternoon away.  After dinner which included fruit Kebab and ice cream they went out side for a beach campfire.  After lots of camp songs they settled down for a bedtime film (A Turtles Tale) and sleep by 10ish.  To show us their appreciation they all got up at 5.30am.

Had a lovely time. Wish you were here.
The Beaver Leaders.


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Church Parade

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10am at the Ace 8/3/2015

Your Money, You Decide

posted 17 Sep 2014, 02:55 by Fergus Lang

We have again had our application accepted to be included in Royal Kingston's Your Money, You Decide scheme

We have applied for the full £2000 available, this year for the money to go towards a box trailer for kit and equipment. Obviously the more gear we can transport ourselves the less we have to rely on van hire and therefore reduce the overall cost of activities / camps etc. We have been very successful in the past and hope that this year we can be as successful again. Please make time to visit the voting event for your ward as below.........

On Saturday 20 September, residents of Chessington North and Hook and Chessington South wards will be able to vote between 10am and 12.30pm at Chessington Community College.

Tolworth and Hook Rise residents will be able to vote on Tuesday 23 September between 6pm and 8.30pm at Tolworth Girls' School.


To check which ward you are there is a zoom-able map here

Please encourage friends and neighbours to support our bid - it only takes 5 minutes and we would really appreciate your help. See you there!!


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